Healthcare Around the World


Your Course Project is a comparative analysis of the U.S. healthcare system against that of another country of your choice. Below are six (6) key steps that will help you with the research and writing of this paper. At this time, please read all six steps to help you understand the requirements. You will be required to submit assignments at various stages within this course. For this reason, you may need to spend additional time and effort in certain weeks to research and submit the following: (1) the name of the country whose healthcare system you will be comparing to the U.S. healthcare system, due in the Week 2 Dropbox (only the name of the country is needed at this point); (2) the outline of your paper topics with references, due in the Week 5 Dropbox; and (3) the Final Paper, due in the Week 7 Dropbox. The following six key steps and the grading rubric for the Final Paper below will help you with your Course Project success! Guidelines Back to Top Step 1: Choose a Country You may choose any country you wish to submit for approval in the Week 2 Dropbox. (Simply type the name of the country into the Dropbox comment area; there is no need for an attached document). Before you submit your country name, make sure you are able to find at least three primary sources with enough information to write a quality paper meeting the requirements in both length and comparing key indicators of the U.S. healthcare system to your chosen country’s healthcare system. Primary sources are the World Health Organization, National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the country’s national healthcare website, government websites, and so on. Searching “Ministry of Health” + “name of your nation” will often help you to find the best and most current material for this project. Step 2: Course Project Review the Course Project guide (template) in Doc Sharing. It is only a guide; you do not have to write your paper verbatim from the outline in the guide. Reviewing it will help you formulate your own Course Project paper outline and guide you in your research. An outline is very important because it helps you to organize research topics and write your paper. It also helps the flow of your paper (i.e., transitions from one subtitle topic to the next). The project requirement is a 6- to 10-page paper. Note that 6–10 pages means 6–10 pages of double-spaced written material with 1-inch margins on the left, right, top, and bottom and a 12-point font. The cover sheet, table of contents, index, pictures, long quotations, or multiple quotations, will not count toward the 6–10 pages. APA format is required. When submitting your paper, please use the following file name style: HSM310Project_InitialLastName.doc. So if your name is John Smith, the name of the file will be HSM310Project_JSmith.docx. Step 3: Research and Quality Information As you conduct your research, seek out quality primary sources for writing your paper. In Doc Sharing, there is a comprehensive database of healthcare statistics for 30 different countries, including the United States, from the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). This is an international organization that collects healthcare data. This document has 1,200 different data series, with a time series from 1960 to 2008. It is used by the World Health Organization, the United States, and other OECD participants, as well as the entire world, in order to determine what may be the most efficient and effective way to deliver healthcare. The OECD HCQI data will show where these 30 developed countries are in regards to healthcare services and which of these countries are making progress improvements. See the Excel file in Doc Sharing. Source: OECD Data, 2005/2009. Note: You may choose any other country outside of the 30 in the spreadsheet as long as you are able to find quality references. Step 4: Outline and Draft Your Course Project paper outline, with references, is to be submitted in the Week 5 Dropbox. The more that you have completed for your paper at this point, the better things will be for you. You want to have formalized your topics and organized them with main points of interest. Title Page Introduction Body of Paper Topic Heading Subtopic 1 Content 1 Content 2 Content 3 Topic Heading Subtopic 2 Content 1 Content 2 Content 3 . . . and so on Conclusion Bibliography: References Step 5: Quality Assurance Check Before you submit your final draft, you need to do a spelling and grammar check and check for any content errors. Make sure to check that your introduction is concise and clear and reflects the paper’s content; topics and subtopics transition well throughout each section of your paper; all concepts, quotes, numbers, statistics, graphs, and graphics are properly cited; each citation has a reference listed in the bibliography; the conclusion is consistent with the paper’s content; and the title page, paper, in-paragraph citations, and reference page are all in the APA formatting style.


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