How are women expected to behave in Mulan’s community?


Directions: Answer the following four questions in paragraph format. Each question should receive at least a 4-6 sentence response. Submit your answers to the questions on the Dropbox before our next class. NOTE: NO RESEARCH REQUIRED—YOUR PERSONAL REACTIONS ONLY.

  1. Gender) How are women expected to behave in Mulan’s community? The first song, “Honor to Us All”, has the following lyrics: “A girl can bring her family great honor in one way, by striking a good match, and this could be the day. Men want girls with good taste, calm, obedient, who work fast-paced. With good breeding and a tiny waist…”What skills and characteristics are ideal for a woman in ancient China, according to the movie? How are men expected to behave and what are the ideal characteristics and skills for a man in ancient China. Are the gender roles and expectations fair? Discuss present day reactions to the phrases “Drag Show” and “Cross Dresser”. To successfully answer this question, discuss your reaction to gender roles in the film.
  2. (Race and ethnicity)How much of the Chinese culture portrayed in the film do you think is authentic, and how much is Disney’s and America’s perception of Chinese culture? Consider the opening scene of Mulan eating rice with chopsticks and the dragon cooking dumplings toward the end of the movie; consider the scenery of China in the film; consider the family structure (the grandmother living with the family, Mulan being prepared for marriage, etc); and consider the language and fact that the characters spoke Standard English without accents. To successfully answer this question, discuss your reaction to race and ethnicity in the film.
  3. (Religion)Recall the scenes of prayer in the film. Fa Mulan, her father, mother, and grandmother pray to their ancestors and their ancestors come to life. Later in the film, characters Chien-Po and Yao are shown meditating and chanting. How is religion portrayed in the film? Are Confucius and Buddhism represented in the film? What role do you see the Dragon playing in the film? Do you think it’s appropriate to include non-western religion in an American film, and if so/not, what message might that send to children watching the movie? To successfully answer this question, discuss your reaction to religion in the film.
  4. (Disney)Disney began in 1923 and continues to be one of the most influential entertainment companies to date. According to Forbes, Disney revenues approximately $42.84 billion dollars a year, with a net worth of $103.96 billion dollars a year. In fact, Disney has cruises and resorts all over the world, including Hong Kong and Tokyo. Why do you think Disney has sustained almost 100 years in the media industry? What global influence do you feel Disney has? To successfully answer this question, discuss your reaction to Disney’s effect on the media’s global industry.

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