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Identify a strength or weakness in the entry’s argument, also providing at least one piece of evidence to back up a claim.


Write The reaction about the article and you should:

Identify a strength or weakness in the entry’s argument, also providing at least one piece of evidence to back up a claim

The article: In order to provide the community with the most effective response to the problems it still faces related to housing discrimination based on race, some I propose a couple of changes that are realistic and in time will be effective in ridding the country of this issue. The systemic attitude that blacks and other minorities cause the deterioration of a neighborhood by driving up the crime rate as well as the unemployment rate.  That attitude and the generation of people that still subscribe to that way of thinking are the sector of the public that should be targeted for enforcement and punishment upon violation.   This older but not dead yet group makes it very hard for mortgage brokers and real States Supreme Court had to step in and try to deal with from the day when the United States had 19 states wanting to keep their own discriminatory rules.  Widespread according to some analysts.  Problem based on the lack of any real threat of punishment the most important step to be taken is to try and reign in the private sector of bankers, real estate agents and other related entities involved in the business of selling, renting, and providing.

After all it wasn’t until 1948 that the United States Supreme Court stopped the practice of race-restrictive covenants.  At the time there were 19 states that wanted to do their own thing and wanted to be allowed to restrict the land by easements.  My point here is back in 1948 there were 19 states that did not want to conform to the new and diversified freedoms.  HUD did not work well because it never came up with any legitimate remedies that worked smoothly enough to actually enforce (Schwartz, 2010).  Strict enforcement of the laws that will include the prosecution of those found to be in any way involved with the “dirty deal” will work to lessen the number of these transactions until eventually they just shrivel up and die.


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