Identify and discuss a problem that exists in your community.


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Advocacy, Empowerment, and Awareness of Population-at-Risk Assignment

Part I – Introduction: A 2-3 page introduction that identifies a population that is at risk and the factors (current and historical) that place the population at risk. In the introduction students will identify a problem that exists within their community that impacts their chosen population-at-risk, and discuss how the community experiences, perceives, and reacts to the problem. Students will utilize and include in their introduction information from local resources (e.g. newspapers, agency and government publications, personal and professional experiences). At least 2-3 local sources should be cited. Additionally, a preliminary literature search with a brief citation of 2-3 relevant empirical, peer reviewed articles must be included in the introduction. (75 points)

Please address the following areas in your Introduction and submit a 2-3 page paper thoroughly covering these areas:
1.Population-at-risk: 1.Identify a population-at-risk: Students will select a population-at-risk within their community. Examples include (but are not limited to):

•Women (at risk pregnant women)
•Older Adults
•African American Youth
•People with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities
1.Describe how this population experiences oppression
2.What are historical and current factors that place this population at risk?
1.Community Problem or Issue:
1.Identify a key problem local to your community that impacts the at risk population you identified. Utilize local resources such as newspapers, agency and government publications, personal and professional experiences, local social media (e.g. blogs). This problem should be one that exists in your community. It may also exist elsewhere, but your focus will be on the problem as it manifests in your community.
2.How does the population-at-risk perceive the problem?
3.Discuss how this problem affects the community at large:
4.How does the community at large perceive this problem?
5.How does the community at large react to the problem?
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