Introduce the topic of the speech and explain why you chose this particular speech.


Part of learning how to speak in public is learning how to give and receive feedback. Feedback is valuable in that it provides the speaker with information on what he or she is doing well and where improvements can be made. Evaluating a speech is equally important in public speaking. In essence, it is an art form. In this writing activity, you will learn how to give and receive feedback as well as how to evaluate a speech.

Begin by first reading the article, Rules of Constructive Feedback. Then, I’d like you to go to the website, American Rhetoric and find a speech that is of interest to you. Using the Peer Feedback Form, view and evaluate the speech.

Next, based on the information from the Rules of Constructive Feedback article and the Peer Feedback Form, you are to write a critique on the speech you chose. Address the following in your critique:

Introduce the topic of the speech and explain why you chose this particular speech.
Describe the speaker’s delivery. What was effective and what was ineffective.
Describe the speech’s construction. Critique the introduction, conclusion, main points, and organizational pattern.
Identify what the speaker did well and why.
Identify what you think the speaker could improve upon and why.
Explain what you learned about speech making from watching this speech and what you could use from what you have learned in your own speech making.
Your essay should be between 250-300 words and must include an introductory paragraph, direct answers with evidence in the body, and a concluding paragraph. Please submit your completed Peer Feedback Form along with your essay.

Before you submit this assignment to the dropbox below, be sure to upload a copy to the \”Final\” dropbox for this assignment on A \”Draft\” dropbox is also available so that you can use the originality report provided as a learning tool to improve your work prior to final submission.

This is part of your evaluation grade, which is 30% of your overall grade and will be graded using the SLA Non-Research Written Assignment Rubric [240.3 KB PDF file].

When you are ready to submit your work, select Browse My Computer or Browse Course below and upload your Word .doc or .docx and click Submit.


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