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Jewish or Hispanic Cultures


Writing Across the Curriculum Paper – Instructions

Nursing 144

“Jewish or Hispanic Cultures”


The objective of the paper is to understand and integrate culturally specific care when working with a patient and family from the Jewish Culture or Hispanic Culture.

Patient Diagnosis to choose from:

  • Newly diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus Type II
  • Newly diagnosed Hypertension
  • Patient undergoing a Total Knee Replacement
  • Patient with a Hip Arthroplasty
  • Patient with a new diagnosis of Colon Cancer
  • Patient undergoing a radical mastectomy for Breast Cancer.
  • Patient with COPD.

Writing the Paper:


The paper must include a Title Page, Abstract, Body, and Reference Page.  The body of the paper should include an introduction, a discussion, and a summary or conclusion.


  1. Choose which culture you would like to focus on in this paper. Using a variety of resources, describe the traditional cultural health care beliefs and practices; which include illness beliefs and customs, interpersonal relationships, spiritual/religious beliefs and/or practices.
  2. Chooses a medical diagnosis and culture to identify health care problems/concerns for this specific diagnosis.
  3. Identify actual or potential health care problems/concerns (for example physical, psychological, social, financial or developmental) for the client and their cultural/diversity group with regards to this Medical Diagnosis.
  4. Discuss potential therapeutic interventions for the client and/or family that promote wellness; demonstrate respect for the client’s culture/diversity, rights, beliefs, values, and life experiences; and that incorporate professional values & practice standards.
  5. Assignment is written in a clear, scholarly style that is grammatically correct and logically organized (no pronoun use).
  6. Paper must be of an adequate length (minimum of three pages) and format follows 6th edition APA format.
  7. Running head with appropriate page numbering throughout.
  8. Abstract presented with logical overview of the paper with a word count of 150-200.
  9. Title of the paper centered on one double space below header on the first line of the body of the paper.
  10. Minimum of three references less than five years old with appropriate in text citations and reference page.
  11. Conclusion should include a reflection of how this assignment has broadened your perception and cultural awareness.


See Course Calendar for due date.



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