Leisure habits


I have presentation about Leisure habits – Choose two cultures : each speaker can choose different or the same cultures ( and for each question, what is the effect on intercultural relations?)
a) What is their attitude to and indulgence in Sport?
b) What is their attitude to Shopping?
c) What sports do women of the cultures play? What is the attitude to women playing sport? The facilities? What are the implications on intercultural relations?
d) What do people do in their leisure time – in two different cultures?
Recreations such as Amateur Theatricals, music, art, pottery making, writing ?
e) Is creativity valued? Admired?

So what I need is to do slides and write the speech for this personation I have to present each slide 30 secs and it should be more than 20 slides

I will upload to 2 reading that u can use than u have o do your job
But before u start can u pls let me know which cultures u will talk about

Don’t forget references list for each information that u used it must be academics sources like article or journal

How many words u need for the speech ?

• Be narrow and specific with your question not broad. For example decide on just 2 specific cultures and contrast them . Not Asian in contrast to Western but Cambodian and French
• Link the question you are answering back to the course content.
• For your topic ask – Why? Why is this culture like this? What does it have to do with Intercultural relations? What difficulties may arise in relationships between cultures because of this (these) difference(s). What are the implications?
• Your presentation should take you into areas relevant to the real world. Think about all the topics in the course and be curious, think about what interests you. Scholars ask questions and then find answers to their question.
• There must be some depth appropriate in the time available and a good attempt to engage with academic material yet still be lively.
• Do not crowd your slides with a lot of writing. Dot points only.
Add information to each slide with your voice. On the slide have minimal information and /or an image that communicates

• Lead a discussion: – is not just a matter of asking the class one question – getting a brief Yes / No response and reverting back to your presentation. “Lead a discussion” means you must have back up questions or lines of thought ready and practice thinking on your feet.
• Have at least one good question as a Discussion Starter. Here is an example of a bad one after a presentation on gay marriage. “So what do you think?” (Terrible: because it is not specific )
• DO NOT JUST READ YOUR NOTES – speak as in an interesting conversation to the class – not in a monotone – and project your voice so all can hear you.
• Do not crowd your slides with a lot of writing. Dot points only.
Add information to each slide with your voice. On the slide have minimal information and /or an image that communicates


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