look at a marketing situation and utilize media data to make recommendations in the area of target and market selection.




The purpose of this assignment is to look at a marketing situation and utilize media data to make recommendations in the area of target and market selection.


In a separate pdf, you will see the details of a case for Kashi frozen pizza. The direction at the end should be ignored – but focus on the first two and a third pages of information regarding the company, the competitive environment, and goals set by the company’s CEO (see that direction on the top of page 3). You are also given the profiles of several of the major competitors in the category (a separate excel spread sheet), and lifestyle summary of users.


Your assignment is to do the following:


  • The company believes that its organic and natural point of difference is unique in the marketplace. Its sales numbers relative to the category and key leaders, however, are sorely lacking.
  • Your job is to determine and recommend the following:
    • What is the basic situation you are facing?
    • Who are you going after? Define who you believe the overall target audience will be for your brand. This should include things like age, presence of children, income, education, etc.
    • To do this, use MRI plus to understand the targets of the key competitors and users/volumetrics of the category itself. The MRI Plus data includes several of the brands and h/m/l users.
    • You need to define this both in psychographic as well as demographic terms (use MRI numbers to help)
    • Create a persona for the brand
  • Based on what you define as your target, what is their “I” statement, and what is the connecting idea – based on potential users/target and information you have reviewed.
  • Based on your target definition and the connecting idea, what media would you select and why. Think about the idea of continuous versus one time.
  • Things to look for include both the basic food consumption data (frozen pizza category) and psychographic attributes of the user and that of the Kashi brand.
  • You should also do your own research to support your findings (look at the other brand’s websites, go to the store, look at pricing, etc.)


This should be done in PowerPoint – and do not copy whole pages of charts!! Pull key info and make your own. Please make sure you use data to support your recommendations. This is due next week – in class!!


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