Louis Armstrong Ella Fitzgerald Tito Puente Jerry Lee Lewis


RESEARCH PAPER (600 words min.)


Research a musical artist or group that has made a significant contribution to popular music or jazz.


A list of topics can be found on the last page of this syllabus. To avoid duplication of topics by your fellow


classmates, your choice of artist or group must be approved by the instructor. This paper (and the other


two papers) must be in your own words! Papers will be checked for plagiarism. Papers plagiarized from the


internet or any other source will receive an F grade! In addition to biographical information, explain why


you think the artist or group is important. Listen to recordings of your artist or group and see any videos that


might be available (some are listed on my web site). You must include a bibliography page listing the


sources for your paper. You must have at least three sources. Web pages are acceptable, but you must


have at least one source that is not from the internet (a book, magazine, newspaper, or encyclopedia article).


Recommended Artists for Research Paper


Scott Joplin Antonio Carlos Jobim The Beach Boys Quincy Jones


Benny Goodman Billie Holiday Aretha Franklin Bob Marley


Louis Armstrong Ella Fitzgerald Tito Puente Jerry Lee Lewis


Jelly Roll Morton The Rolling Stones Bill Haley Carlos Santana


John Coltrane Elvis Presley Frank Sinatra Eric Clapton


Bessie Smith James Brown Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin


Bing Crosby The Temptations Bob Dylan Nat King Cole


Miles Davis Chuck Berry Hank Williams George Gershwin


Duke Ellington The Beatles Buddy Holly Chick Corea


Count Basie Stevie Wonder Muddy Waters Sun Ra


Charlie Parker Little Richard Ruben Blades Celia Cruz


Dizzy Gillespie B.B. King Ray Charles Benny More


Thelonious Monk Weather Report Herbie Hancock Sarah Vaughan


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