make up family genogram


Need someone to reach a different kind of paper, someone that is willing to work with me and build a genogram of a family that we will make up together. Over a week time (6 days)? The Genogram will have to done on  


Genogram AND Paper


Create a genogram of your family of origin. And write a 9 page essay, reflecting on what you learn about yourself and your family through this exercise, citing pertinent course readings and independent research. Include a description of intergenerational dynamics and family strengths, and how these may influence or inform your ministry. In this project students should demonstrate the following competencies: (1) a basic understanding of how family systems operate and how family structure informs family functioning: and (2) a basic understanding of the intergenerational transmission of family ways of relating, family vulnerabilities, and family strengths.


In having students explore their own MAKE UP A BLACK Family of origin, we are suggesting that an awareness of the dynamics of one’s family and how these dynamics inform one’s pastoral ministry enables you to be more effective in the provision of pastoral care in a wider range of familial and sociocultural contexts. Students should not share information about their family (or themselves) you are not comfortable sharing. The instructor will treat your personal information respectfully and confidentially.


1.      Construct a genogram of your family of origin, showing at least four (4)generations of the family. The genogram must be carefully drawn. You may draw out the genogram by hand on any size or type of paper or by using a software program if you prefer (see Be sure to have information about the people, their relationships, any substance use / divorces / abusive relationships / parent-child relationships, and any other pertinent information. Ethnicity and educational information are important as well. You will most likely need to contact your family members in order to ascertain information. Include significant dates, illnesses and significant patterns such as occupational choices and religions. You may want to use different color markers to illustrate alliances, coalitions, cut-offs, and triangles.


2.      The genogram should be accompanied by a 9 page paper (12 point font double spaced). Remember that page length refers to the body of the paper and not the bibliography. The paper should show evidence of critical engagement with class readings as well as independent research, and contain appropriate footnotes and bibliography. Include no less than eight (8) footnotes from scholarly resources. Quotes from class discussions, PowerPoint presentations and non-academic sources are not acceptable.


Paper should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style (see latest edition of Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations). Utilize the following outline for the paper: Find some 2-4 books will help you with the family issues and problems




Section I (1 page): Describe your family. What were you impressions regarding your family of origin BEFORE you began your research? Section 11 (4 pages): This section is the heart of the assignment! Apply family systems theory to your family of origin, identifying and discussing across all four generations any: triangles; coalitions; alliances; cut-offs; gender, ethnic and class influences. Clearly describe the family patterns, types of relationships and roles within your family genogram? What pattems are prominent, within and across generations? What relationships or issues most captured your attention or surprised you? Why? What specific issues, relationship dynamics or family secrets surfaced? What present issues have their roots in the family’s past? What role do you play in your family?


Section 111 (2 pages): Discuss the significant lessons gleaned from this assignment and how it has shaped and/or changed your thinking about your family of origin.


Section IV (2 pages): Most importantly, discuss in-depth how your family’s dynamics contribute to or influence your practice of pastoral ministry? The central purpose of this assignment is to develop selfawareness about family of origin influences on pastoral ministry perspectives and practices. I need you see how this if it was your family how would it help or hinder your ministry. But remember i do not need you fix the issues or problems.


With the genopro i want see a lot of different line dealing with real life  family issuse like. I NEED SOMEONE THAT NOT SCARED TO DEAL DEEP IN THE PAPER. ON WHAT IS ON THE GENOPRO THAT’S, SOME REAL ISSUSE THAT MAYBE GOING ON IN YOUR FAMILY HISTORY. Look at the family system concepts suffiently. Insufficient emotional depth.


1.   Drugs ( cocaine, marijuana)

2. Health ( diabates, high blood pressure)

3.  Rape and Molested

4.  education ( no education)

For the Genopro I need it to be long up to 40 to 50 pages long. I need it to be great details with line and zigzag line box for male circles for female. different groups and patterns common denominators with in the family. BUT FIRST REMEMBER IM A SINGLE PERSON. REMEMBER THE PAPER IS ALL ABOUT ME AND the (characters) you created!


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