Market position and how this impacts the investment in IT


Assignment: Select a company for which you have a working knowledge including goals, mission, strategy, and culture. In addition to a working knowledge of the company, you must have access to people in both the IT functions and in the business whowill be willing to allow you to interview them to


Tell a story of how the information technology function supports the business. Remember from your case study analysis work that not all organizations employ information technology well. Many treat the function and the cost as an expense. Some treat it as an investment. Analyze the facts your discover to explain what information technology means for your chosen organization.


Your analysis should be a concise view of what is the condition of IT at your organization. Make sure that the sections relate to each other as an integrated report. Note in each topic area, the direction the organization should be heading. See Brown, et al text glossary and text for abbreviations and mnemonics. Vendor and product names and versions are not necessary but very helpful.


Required: 25 pages _ 7 pages have already completed


  1.  Company description


Industry and company goals and objectives

Company culture

Market position and how this impacts the investment in IT


  1.  Work System Snapshots to illustrate your analysis.


Use the concepts introduced in this course to discuss the technology components. Include business processes, products and services, and customers.


  1.  Profile of individuals you interview


Explain the function(s), role(s), and decision making authority of people you interview.



  1.  Analysis of IT


The following lists are included to help you plan what you will investigate and address. Your organization may not have some of these technologies or may be discussing using them. The list is not intended to be exhaustive or prescriptive. You may have other Information Technology that is not mentioned here that is important to your industry or firm. Include a discussion on any Information Technology (IT) discovered that is important to your firm.


IT Department and staff

CIO title and reports to whom

IT department title, number and allocation of staff (refer to an Org chart)

Percent of the IT budget of the total budget

Analysts resident and reporting to user departments?

Are users project leaders at your organization?

Outsource any functions e.g. help desk?

Number of new hires last year and number of these who were entry level

Average time IT staff stay or a turnover statistic

Number of IT layoffs in last budget year and at what level

Is there a Web team? What is the Web team called, and where does it report?

Systems development life cycle

Methodologies used to develop systems

Percentage of purchased packages vs. in-house development

Project team assignment-e.g. are users project leaders

Learn what you can about an ongoing or recently completed development effort, budget, schedule, who was on the team, project management software used, etc.

Capability Maturity Model rating

Offshore software development projects, vendors, onsite activity

Hierarchy of information systems

AI applications

DSS applications

MIS reports



Support of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)


Numbers and types of platforms-mainframe, minicomputer, workstations, PCs

Critical input/output devices particular to your firm and industry-e.g. hand held scanners for UPS

Cloud services


Type of OS for each platform, critical applications (e.g. billing system for utilities)

Programming languages used for legacy and new development

Collaborative software

Office automation software and policies

Database management systems (DBMS)

Name of DBMS used across platforms

Critical application databases (e.g. customer information for Land’s End)

Database administrator on staff


Number of LANs WANs, connecting where

Internet service providers



Use of wireless

EDI with suppliers

e-Commerce activity with customers and suppliers and security employed to do so


Global transmission and issues with foreign countries and cultures

Management perspective (SWOT Analysis)

Strengths and weaknesses

Threats and opportunities

Issues and implication for the organization


  1.  Conclusions


By synthesizing and interpreting all the information you gather, draw conclusions about the organization and explain the role of information technology related to the success of the business/organization.


  1.  References


Make sure you cite all sources. This project is not intended to be a personal recollection. Rather, consult documentation, interview people, and search for news sources. Do not, however, violate the proprietary rules of your organization.


If you do not have an organization for which you can perform this analysis, then contact your facilitator for an alternate assignment.



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