mass customization and quality

The paper should show how your chosen discipline(mass customization) can be applied to aid achievement of specific objectives within your chosen generic business objective(quality). Research the topic and write a literature review covering recent academic writer’s ideas relevant to both chosen topic areas. compare differing views, identify strong and weak points of each, critically comment and demonstrate the extent of knowledge in this narrow field. present your own synthesis of these thoughts. Provide background section, including history and brief synopsis of your area to communicate ypour understanding of its nature and relevance to operations management. Choose a company as a case study. Identify the lessons that the business might learn from your research and provide a section of recommendations to demonstrate your understanding of how business might apply the concepts you have researched. you may wish to include an abstract and table of contents. you should add any appendices that you have referred to in the main body to clarify points of theory. Two inch right hand margin and use 6pts between paragraphs and Arial font. Will be graded according to following criteria: relevance to operations management, quality of research, criticism of concepts, synthesis of ideas and the two distinctive chosen areas, application to what a business might learn.