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Media Relations Campaign for Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH)


World Mental Health Day is held on 10 October each year. The purpose of this day is to raise public awareness about mental health issues and promote open discussion. Mental health is increasingly endorsed as a significant aspect of the overall well-being of the individual and issues associated with it are a global priority. This day encourages more transparent discussion of illnesses, and investments in prevention and treatment services.
Your client is a mental health organisation – Singapore Association for Mental health (SAMH).Your role is to develop a media relations campaign to raise awareness of World Mental Health Day conveying the key messages that mental illness is treatable and that recovery is possible and achievable.
Your campaign should focus on the targeted publics – Women who have recently given birth. Postnatal Depression is at high risk for this targeted group of women. SAMH wants to raise awareness and convey key messages that Postnatal Depression is treatable and recovery is possible and achievable during World Mental Health Day 2014.
In the form of a report, write a media relations campaign in 1500 words that contains the following:
a) Brief details of the client organisation’s profile.
b) Issues(s) relevant to the media relations campaign based on research.
c) Goals/objectives and strategy of the campaign.
d) Key media identified (that communicate to your target audience) and rationale for your choices.
e) Key messages to be communicated during the campaign.
f) Media relations tactics to be implemented and brief description of each tactic in relation to the campaign.
g) Brief schedule for the implementation of the campaign.
h) Evaluation of the campaign.
A reference list of texts and sources consulted in the preparation of this campaign should be included as an appendix (although the appendix is not included in the word count).
Some ideas will be uploaded for your reference but your plan may not be limited to the ideas.


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