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Movie For The King’s Speech (2010).


Movie Application Paper


  1. To demonstrate course concepts at work in real life situations.
  2. To practice organizing and writing a formal papers using APA documentation.
  3. To give students a chance to practice recognition and analysis of IPC concepts.


Choose a movie to watch that will adequately allow you to observe and analyze Interpersonal Conflict concepts found in Chapter 10. Your movie must have examples of real life conflict situations (no fantasy or outlandish comedy that would never really happen in real life). Select your movie from the list posted in the assignment folder in Session 12.

Once you have chosen an appropriate movie, and thoroughly read through Chapter 10 on Interpersonal Conflict, watch your movie, taking careful notes of examples of interpersonal conflict within the movie. Plan to organize and develop your paper using the following outline:


Introduction: Tell us which movie you choose to watch and why you choose that movie. Next BRIEFLY describe the plot of the movie – no more than 250 words.
Body: Here you will relate the movie to Communication Theories about Conflict as described in Chapter 10. Choose 3-5 concepts from Chapter 10 that you will demonstrate your understanding of by giving specific examples of those behaviors found in the movie. Use APA documentation to cite the concepts from the text, but be sure to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts by describing them in your own words.
Conclusion: In the last paragraph of the paper you should include a personal reflection, describing an example that you have witnessed in your personal life of the concepts discussed in the paper.

Requirements and Evaluation Criteria:


  1. Your paper must be typed, between 800-1000 words, and use APA formatting, however you do not need to include an abstract. Papers must have correct spelling and grammar including sentence & paragraph structure, and use consistent case and tense throughout.
  2. Choose 3-5 specific interpersonal communication concepts in your text book that you will discuss. You should first give a brief explanation of the concept in your own words, and then provide examples from the movie. NOTE: You will need to be specific when referencing the concept and location in the film (e.g. in the scene where…), BUT be careful NOT to tell too much of the story of the movie – you will do that only in the introduction.

This assignment is worth  100 points.  Please see the rubric for grading criteria.


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