Movie review of the film “The Help”.


What is a Book/Film Review?
A book/film review is a critical evaluation that not only summarizes a work, but makes an argument. A review must include both summary and commentary. The writer should offer agreement or disagreement and identify where he/she finds the work exemplary or deficient in its knowledge, judgments, organization or presentation. The review should resemble other types of academic writing, with a thesis statement, supporting body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Final draft should follow MLA style (see page 133 in The Little Seagull).
• First draft should be at least one page, double-spaced, in length and is due Jan. 22.
• Final draft should be two pages, double-spaced, in length and is due Feb. 3.
• Points will be deducted for reviews incorrectly formatted, reviews under a page in length and reviews over three pages in length.
Suggested Approach for Structure and Content
1. Introduction
Should include a hook to capture the reader’s interest as well as your thesis statement (the film succeeds because of A and B; or the book fails because of X, Y and Z. The intro should include the title of the book/film and the name of the author/writer/director. It might include a catchy or memorable line from the film or quote from the book, or an anecdote or meaningful phrase related to the work’s theme.
2. Body Paragraphs
Should support thesis statement. Depending on the elements identified in your thesis, you should write at least two, preferable
three body paragraphs. Each should include a topic sentence and supporting details.
3. Conclusion
Should sum up your points and restate your thesis.


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