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“Next Steps for Australian Drug Policy”: a comparison with Netherlands


What would you do to address Australia’s drug problem? Using the drug policy of another country
of your choice from the list provided in Module 5 for comparison, either by way of an example of
an approach that Australia should not adopt or by way of example of an approach that Australia
might adopt, you are required to research and write an essay outlining your proposal for a new
direction in Australian drug policy. You should research the drug policy in another country of your
choice. You need only examine one aspect of Australia’ drug problem or you can examine the
problem globally, that is, looking at the direction of Australian drug policy as a whole.

? government regulation of party drugs

Instructions and guidelines
1. You must insert the country of your choice in the essay title
2. You will need to provide a bibliography/reference list. A minimum of 7 references should be
used. You can use any of the material provided in this course as one or more of your
Structure: [this is only a suggestion and PLEASE don’t use these as headings]
1. Introduction: briefly outline what your new direction will be and how you are using the country
you have chosen to research, e.g. are you intending to use this country’s drug policy or an aspect
of that policy as an example of what could be done in Australia or should not be done/done
anymore? [1 paragraph]2. Background: briefly outline current Australian policy. If you are only considering a particular
issue, then outline current policy or existing approaches, or existing laws, about that issue [1-2
3. Explain why change is needed on the particular issue/s you have chosen [1 paragraph]
4. Outline the perspective on that issue of the country you have chosen [1-2 paragraphs]
5. Outline and discuss your approach drawing on the drug policy of the country you have chosen in
your discussion. [3 -4 paragraphs]
6. Summary and conclusion
1. Your work should be referenced appropriately. You may use any recognised referencing
2. If you are using APA or Harvard (both use the ‘bracket’ system), you can reference cases intext as e.g. (Smith 1989) or (R v Smith 1989) and then provide the full citation in your
bibliography , e.g. R v Smith (1989) VR 64
3. Legislation can also be referenced in-text but be careful to identify the jurisdiction. The
Commonwealth Crimes Act is not the same as the Victorian Crimes Act . You should indicate
the year and the jurisdiction e.g. Crimes Act 1958 (Vic) or Crimes Act 1914 (Cth). See the
written notes for a more detailed example.


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