noise monitoring


1. Noise Health Impact: (want it about 6 pages) The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being . Noise involved in factors of pollution in which its reduce urban population as much as Migration of birds and animal mortality. people exposure to noise in more than 65 dBA give rise to disease and health problems. United States Institute of Health Consensus prove that exposures to sounds more than 85 dBA eight hours everyday will damage hearing and cause permanent hearing loss. The direct impact can be felt by the noise-exposed is the tension, expression of negative feelings-annoying- , and stress which in turn leads to a more critical health effects. Noise harmful cardiovascular ,where the Health Council of the Netherlands (1996) deduced that noise exposure raised the blood pressure and hypertension. The study also showed that when noise exceed 85 dB(A) it will abnormality in the electrocardiogram; high the heart beat irregularities; pulse rate will be fast; and the recovery of vascular constriction will slow. It is not surprising the scientific evidence and studies that says noise is main reason of sleep disturbance, since survey show that noise causes insomnia .The situation is getting critical in hospitals ;where patients need for calm ,while we find they may wakes up at night because of the aircraft sounds . The epidemiological searches conclude that people who is exposure to noise will suffer from headache, tire and stress in the morning and during the day, special the elderly, infant and mothers. The immune system is a system of biological structures and processes is defected indirect manner by noise and impact protection against disease , because of the relationship between sleep disturbance and immune response. A study by Caerphilly finds a rise in leucocytes with patients suffering of noise because of their proximity to the troublesome area (trains station), even though there is no researches proves that there is a direct association between immune system and noise , but increased leucocytes in human body may be increase the probability of Infections. Whenever a person in noisy place his cortisol, a stress hormone will be in bloodstream ,The problem is that repeat the secretion of such hormones in the blood will raise the possibility of ischemic disease(Health Council of the Netherlands, 1996). Daytime fatigue caused by insomnia has many negative effects on work performance , and human daily activity ; this extract from a few experience sampling address by manipulating data from groups of staff (Suter, 1991). NOISESPY application (half PAGE) A microphone converts pressure fluctuations into an equivalent electrical signal (sound pressure P) that can be post processed to compute the loudness of the noise source that generated the acoustic wave. Average loudness levels over long periods of time are commonly used as noise indicators. The instantaneous sound pressure level Pv of a sound is usually expressed in logarithmic units with respect to a given reference pressure level and is computed according to the following equation: where Pref=0,00002 N/m2, the reference value for airborne sound and P is the average sound pressure level. In sound, decibels measure a scale from the threshold of human hearing, 0 dB, upward towards the threshold of pain, about 120–140 dB. Because decibels are such a small measure, they are computed logarithmically and cannot be added arithmetically. An increase of 10 dB is perceived by human ears as a doubling of noise.


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