One area of Management-Training


1. Content – This analysis should address one specific and narrow area of management. The analysis must include a review of major issues, best practices or approaches for effective applications, and academic research findings. You will establish these three areas by doing article research. These three search and analysis areas are broken up into separate components of your research project. Please be aware that most web sites not associated with specific publications are not valid sources for this research project. You can use them to get some perspective that will help you focus but not for formal parts of your research project. Your topic should focus on an applied management area that has some continuity with your internship. As an example if you were working on a project that involved developing a web-based training tutorial you might want to work on a workplace issue and applied management area of training transfer.2. The write up – The report should be a summary of your work…a combination of facts, research findings, and your own observations. You can format it in this way as well…a section on the topic that includes facts and a well structured explanation of your topic and issues that you have gathered from your sources (articles, web sites, books, etc.). The second section should be a review of your research articles. Make sure you cover the study’s objective and findings in the issues, best practices, and research areas. The third section should be a summary of best practices used in organizations. The last section should be your own summary of the topic. The overall objective of this report assignment is for you to demonstrate your new knowledge in written format.
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