Operant conditioning and behavior change

12 font arial, double spaced, one inch margins. follow APA style regarding title page, heading and numbering, and abstract. spelling and grammar checked, reread,revised and edited once.

create 3 fictional individuals, each with a very different behavior you have been asked to change. describe in detail the history of the person and his/her  problematic behavior(s). be creative and tell a story. make behavior as specific as possible. Using the four basic concepts of  operand conditioning (Skinner), describe four different ways you might try to change/modify his or her behavior. You must use all four techniques for each of the three individuals so the paper will include a total of twelve interventions. Explain if each technique work or not work, and why or why not. for each of the four, make sure you  specifically identify each technique by labeling it: is it, positive reinforcement, positive punishment, negative reinforcement, or negative punishment and connect it to the theory. each intervention must be different no simply reversing like giving a lollipop and taking a lollipop away. Remember fictional.


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