personal essay

So, this time, you will destroy and/or deconstruct
your essay. How? Here are some ideas: 1) Rewrite your essay as a furious criticism of your
ideas. Point out the ways in which your essay is ridiculous, romantic, foolish, unnecessary,
self-aggrandizing. 2) Write the opposite of your essay. If you wrote an essay about how
much you love “Star Wars,” this time, write an essay about how much you can’t stand
“Steel Magnolias.” 3) Force yourself, in the manner of “Groundhog Day,” to enter into a
sustained loop within your original essay – rewriting and varying a word, a phrase, a
sentence, or a paragraph in some kind of expanded way. 4) Write about something that
you are completely inept at, rather than an expert of. Something that you understand only
well enough to make a fool out of yourself doing it, or talking about it

You could pick any of the options but the first one might be the best.

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