Problems of the American families


Problems of the America families

            Many American families are faced with problems unimaginable to the average person. They struggle through life seemingly with the weight of the world on their shoulders, while others may or may not notice. These struggles often affect the behavior attributed to juvenile delinquency. During this form we will identify some off the more serious problems American families are faced with, and also discuss the realities as to how the issues influence delinquency in our children. We will identified some of the root causes of these issues, as well as how these symptoms can be addressed to prevent further generations from falling into the same traps.

Researchers have discovered a direct correlation between family issues and juvenile delinquency. The first two issues we’re going to discuss are children being raised in single parent homes and inadequate supervision. These two can be tied together because their symptoms are one in the same. Studies show that these children commit crimes at a much higher rate than those being raised in a household with both parents and proper supervision (Bartollas, 2013). These particular issues, can be attributed as being a major contributing factor to children committing crimes. While the single parent is away at work, this often leaves the children at home with little to no adult supervision. There is an age old expression that states when the cats away, the mouse will play. The statistics corroborates this theory, and it is one of the major cause of juvenile delinquency in America today. In order to reduce the children who are placed in this situation, parents while at work can either have other family members keep an eye on them, or place them in after school programs that are often funded by the federal government. Some of those programs are The Child Care and Development Fund and the 21st Century Learning Center, they provide funding for after school programs for people who normally couldn’t afford it(“Funding for Afterschool Programs”, n.d). This will minimize the lack of supervision which is one of the main contributing factors to juvenile delinquency.

The next two issues identified as being a contributing factors are birth order and the size of your family. Although these may seem a little farfetched studies prove that the middle child syndrome and the size of your family to be major factors in juvenile delinquency. Many scholars believe that for both of these issues the oldest and the youngest child receive the most attention from their parents, which leave the middle child to receive less (Bartollas, 2013). That often leaves the middle children feeling left out or neglected, so they begin searching for attention elsewhere. This attention whether good or bad, leads to more cases of juvenile delinquency compared to their siblings or for smaller families who don’t have to split their attention. Although parents cannot change their children birth order or the size of the family, they can try to show the middle children that they are still loved and special to them just like the rest of the kids.

The last major issue identified as being a contributing factor in juvenile delinquency is quality of home life. Studies show that if the family is getting along and feeling loved less crimes are being committed. They compared the correlation between children who have been rejected by their parents and those in happy homes and the numbers were staggeringly in favor of those from a happy home (Bartollas, 2013). I believe that if the children see that their parents are happy, and they are feeling loved there is no reason to go out and commit crime. Although there is no guaranties with anything in life, the numbers show that a happy home truly reduces the amount of juvenile delinquency in America. Throughout this forum we discussed some of the most serious problems facing the American family today. They included broken or single family homes, birth order, family size, quality of home life and inadequate supervision. We discussed how each of these issues effect juvenile delinquency and how these situations be reduced. Hopefully you have a better understanding as to the why, now we just have to make the corrections to see a difference.



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