Provide a literature review on African American Older Adults


Provide a literature review on African American Older Adults from order 81420461.

This will include relevant background on the population, current empiricism (within 5 years), and a rationale for why such research and information needs to be presented. Be sure to include the following requirements for this assignment:

• Choose a good description of your population (international, national, state, local. etc.)

• Provide a rationale for how social problems and/or community issues may affect this specific group (i.e. housing, mental health, discrimination, economics, social, physical…).

• Contextualize the problem with empiricism and history (using academic sources to support your discussion)

• Provide a minimum of 5 empirical sources from within the last 5 years to address these issues.

• Write a 5 page paper—double-spaced, using APA formatting, citations, references, et cetera (Excluding introduction and reference page).

• Do not use first person (I, this student, et cetera).

• Introduction, body of the paper, and conclusion.

• Conclusion should include your professional reflection and rationale for how the information was presented in the paper relates to social work profession to identify the unmet needs of African American Older Adults population.

Note: Include facts and statistics that describe your assigned population (i. e. Older Georgians). Who are they? Age, Race, Gender, etc. Are they faced with specific problems? Describe the issues/problems? What types of community resources are available? What type of resources should be developed? How would you respond as a public health educator, nurse, speech pathologist, etc.? After discussing African American Older Adults population in general, select to discuss a specific issue related to the population (using research based references to support the information) such as women, men, rural, urban, health, housing, etc.


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