Pygmalion Myth


Write a three and one-half (3 ½) typewritten (12pt), double-spaced comparative analysis of the Greek myth “Pygmalion”, George Bernard Shaw’s play “Pygmalion” and one of the film versions of the story listed below.


These two are required:

  • Pygmalion Myth
  • 1912 Play by George Bernard Shaw


Select one of the film versions:

  • 1938 black and white film version of “Pygmalion” starring Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller.
  • 1964 film version of “My Fair Lady” starring Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn.


Use your journal, homework assignments, and handouts to review and formulate your ideas and conclusions related to the theme of metamorphosis, as interpreted through the various adaptations discussed this semester.  Consider the ideas that are consistent and those that are different.  Here are a few questions that may get your thinking process started:

  • What is the emphasis in the varying versions you have seen – romance, phonetics, society, etc?
  • Is the language the same?  Are words important?  Does the rhythm change?
  • Are visuals important?
  • What role if any does music play in the 1938 film or 1964 musical film?
  • Is the atmosphere projected in each art form the same or different?  Support your answer.
  • Does the period in which the piece was produced have an influence on its style?
  • Does the character development change from version to version?
  • Are the subject and content of each chosen work the same?


Introduction:  The first paragraph will introduce the topic.  Give sufficient background to develop the ideas you will establish in the paper, include a thesis statement.  For example, “The idea of metamorphosis has been interpreted through many different theatrical and visual mediums and while the central theme is consistent in each piece, the interpretation differs”.

Body: Write five to six carefully constructed paragraphs to support your thesis statement.

Use the vocabulary of each discipline you have studied to describe your ideas.  For instance, in the visual arts, what words would you use to describe the scenery, atmosphere, costuming?  What musical terms would you use to describe the rhythm and mood?

Conclusion:Summarize your main point.  Consider including a bit of dialogue or some other interesting aspect from the art pieces you discuss, to give your ending a punch.

Cite:  Remember to cite any areas of the paper that is not your own words or ideas.


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