quality management in Jordanian hospitals


For your final papers: They should NOT exceed a maximum of 8 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font. They need to be in correct APA format, EXCEPT no abstract. HINT: remember to use the APA style template in the doc sharing area. Eight pages does not include the title page or reference page. You need 8 sources in your reference page that you use in your paper. The body of the paper should contain an introductory paragraph, followed by 8 paragraphs in which you focus on one of the articles/sources in each paragraph, then a concluding paragraph that wraps everything up. That is it, besides the cover page and reference page. Make sure all your references are in the proper APA format!!!!

Grading Rubric for the Final Paper:

Introductory Paragraph (10 points): You need to introduce your topic without being overly specific (save the details for your subsequent paragraphs). You will need to cite the articles/sources to convey some of the general points of your topic, but, again, don’t be overly specific – stay general. Make sure your last sentence is your thesis statement. What you are endeavoring to show.

Next 8 Paragraphs (40 points): I recommend covering each of your articles/sources in a separate paragraph. Here you go into more detail, but only cover the most important points of the study. Do not give me an entire break down of the article. State what I need to know. For example, what was the purpose of the study, how did the author(s) conduct the study, and what were their findings. You may or may not need to state what was missing (as relates to your thesis statement) from the study. Remember, the reason you are using these sources is that something is missing from them. You cannot use 8 articles that all state the same conclusion as your thesis statement. The point of your thesis statement is to highlight what seems to be missing from all 8 articles/sources you use. That is how you build your case for your thesis sentence. You must cite your sources properly!

Conclusion Paragraph (10 points): Give me an overall summary of what your studies showed (now you are back to being very general, again, so it will just be the main findings) building up to your thesis point from the introductory paragraph. Cite your sources even in the conclusion paragraph.

About Your Sources/Citations: You may ONLY use articles from peer reviewed journals or books that have been written. You may not use popular magazines, newspaper articles, or websites as sources! EXCEPT, you are allowed THREE citations from a popular source (such as Fortune, Forbes, Crane’s, US News and World Report, any newspaper, or website – including governmental websites). So, if you use anywhere from one to three of those, you are bound to use 5 other sources that are from peer reviewed journals (Psychology Today is not a peer reviewed journal), dissertations, or books. When using the library website for articles, make sure you check off the box that is for peer reviewed articles. That will safeguard your search. I will take off 2.5 points for each citation you use beyond the three you are allowed from the popular press, magazines/journals, or websites. You will need to avoid using Google for your search, as Google will only get you to everything that is out there online. Use the library databases.


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