Real Estate Licence.


Real Estate Licence. – Course work Brief


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Course outline and project summary.

While you do not have a specific Real Estate section in your drop down boxes, the course is to complete x7 Modules of an Australian Real Estate Licence. It is not a difficult course, and would most likely suite someone working in / studying Law or Business or Real Estate.

I have submitted as x1 assignment, to prevent me having to submit x7 separate assignments. However they are separate. Some will be longer than 6 pages of written work, and some will be shorter, but overall I expect that it will be a total of approximately 42 pages of written work to complete the entire task, or all x7 assignments.

Each topic, inclusive of its x3 section in each topic will be approximately 5-6 pages of written work.

Unless requested references will not be required.

There are x3 Section in each Module:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Answer
  • Assignment / Work Place Project – Using Couse work.

I have provide details step by instructions below on how to log on and create the assignment. All assignments are to be created on a word doc, as per the format provided and instruction in this document and also online. While each assignment may cover 7-10 pages. This at least 5 of these will be the actual questions, answers are to be provided on the question page as per below.

  • Multiple choice questions: Correct answer is to be put in bold. All other answers left.
  • Short answer: 50 – 100 word is fine as long as the question is answered appropriately.
  • Work Place Project: Completed to the best of ability, as per assignment. Keep answers short. As long as question is answered correctly.

The modules left to be completed are:

  • Topic 9 – CPPDSM 4006A Establish and manage agency trust accounts
  • Topic 10 – CPPDSM 4010A Lease Property
  • Topic 15 – CPPDSM 4016A Monitor and Manage lease or tenancy agreement
  • Topic 17 – CPPDSM 4019A Prepare for auction and complete sale
  • Topic 19 – CPPDSM 4049A Implement maintenance plan for managed properties
  • Topic 23 – BSBLED 401A Develop teams and individuals
  • Topic 24 – CPPDSM 4001A Act as a buyer’s agent


Logging on and Selecting Course work.

The below is a step by step instructional on logging on and setting yourself up to complete the course work. Please complete only those topics listed above. All other topic have been completed.



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