Social Marketing for Safe Sex in Singapore

Learning outcomes and pass attainment level:


On completion of the assignment students should be able to demonstrate their ability to:

o    To examine the role and use of social marketing for behavioural change

o    To critically analyse an occurrence of behaviour in order to plan for a social marketing intervention

o    To appraise a social marketing intervention plan for its potential to achieve behavioural change


In order to gain a good pass for this assignment at this level students are expected to pay attention to the following:

Structure and clarity of expression

The fundamental features of well-structured work are expected as the norm at this level.  There will be proper attention to the type and style of the assignment – a case study report and plan based for a social marketing intervention – and the work should be produced to a high professional standard and should remain clearly focused, follow a logical sequence and have clear sense of direction even though the multiple and complex issues of the triple bottom line are addressed.


Content and understanding

Extensive knowledge and detailed understanding is expected, but it is how this knowledge is used in analysis which is equally, if not more important.  Capable students will demonstrate an authoritative, comprehensive awareness of the current role and use of social marketing and a thorough appreciation of the relevant societal issues faced by the social marketer. It is expected that students will demonstrate the significance of these issues and how they contribute to an informed, critical review of the present situation of the case.


Students should demonstrate an ability to identify and critically evaluate the key issues which are most relevant to the successful development of a future socialmarketing strategy so that the individual and common goals of the intervention can be achieved.  It is expected that students will show their ability to appraise and evaluate the current situation for their chosen example intervention, the challenges it faces and the suitability of current strategies and tactics to fit those conditioning factors and be inclusive of the needs of the range of stakeholders involved using appropriate concepts, theories or frameworks. As a result of the analysis, students are expected to be able to propose an intervention plan for how the initiative may be developed in the future.

Reading/Research and Referencing

Reading should extend beyond essential texts and / or general texts and encompass specialist texts as well as the extensive use of journal articles, periodicals including professional/industry publications in order to demonstrate a detailed and systematic knowledge base, depth of understanding and practical professional insights.  It is expected that reading and research will reflect the contemporary nature of the module and that the work of government departments, local government bodies, relevant campaigning NGOs and other third parties will be consulted as will the research reports and data from bona fide social marketing organisations. The proper, accurate presentation of quotations and references and research data is expected and inaccuracies will be penalised, as will the over-reliance on a single source, poor quality, unreliable sources or limited sources of information.

Application to industry

Students should demonstrate the ability to integrate social marketing theory into practice through their analysis of a current intervention and their proposed intervention plan and increasing abilities to suggest viable solutions to the problems of the social issue within the reality of the environment in which it is found. It is expected that students should be able to demonstrate the ability to develop a realistic and viable vision and plan for the future within their chosen context.


Synthesis and Originality

Students should be developing the ability to demonstrate the advanced skills of synthesis, providing solutions to unpredictable professional situations when necessary and offering both creativity and originality whenever possible to meet those challenges presented by the chosen social issue.


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