Special Challenges in Human Relations


Paper #3 (Special Challenges in Human Relations/You Can Plan for Success)

Planning for changes in your life often requires breaking negative habits or forming positive habits. The process of breaking habits and forming new ones involves five steps: motivation, knowledge, practice, feedback, and reinforcement. Goal setting is also an integral part of a successful plan to make changes. This course has given you the opportunity to explore seven broad themes of human relations: communication, self-awareness, self-acceptance, motivation, trust, self-disclosure, and conflict resolution. These themes reflect the current concern in human relations with the twin goals of (1) personal growth and development and (2) the achievement of organizational objectives. Take time to reflect on the ideas we’ve covered this quarter. What are the most importance aspects you will carry forward from this course to enhance your personal and professional life? Tell how you will use what you have learned to be more successful in your career and in your personal life. Be specific.

Write a paper (no less than 1250 words) addressing the questions above. The short report must incorporated cited material from the course text as well as two additional resources to support your thoughts. This paper is not simply a recap of topics explored in journals and discussions; the paper should be a reflection and application of the content of the course. Do not simply copy and paste content from other assignments copied and pasted into this new assignment. Use information from your text and a least two other resources to support your analysis and to illustrate your understanding of the course material and application of those ideas.

Paper #3


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