state effects of Lack of leadership skills


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The problem: Lack of leadership skills:

After you read the article “ Ganging up on Cancer: Integrative Research Centers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute ” and you choose and analyzed one of the problems “Lack of leadership skills” in this case. Answer the questions below

Description of The problem :
Dr.Woods showed poor leadership skills regardless he is great scientist. The way he was managing the nanotechnology center was very poor. As a leader, all personal gains should come at the bottom of his priorities rather than the top. He actually planned to have his promotion to full professor through the nanotechnology center.
• The selection of the leadership was not based on skills rather based on the person being scientist.
• Mr. Rollins provided no close supervision and guidance for the selected person till the center was almost collapsing. Barriers to success:
• Poor leadership skills and absence (late) guidance from the direct manager to the center.
• The direct line manger (Rollins) did not provide the needed guide early before its too late. Urgency of the problem:
� Urgent as this is one of the major causes why the center was unable to move forward and finally lost the grants.
Presentation of all viewpoints:
• Dr. Woods lack the leadership skills and was given a lead position.
• Dr. Woods was in a position where he is trying to get promoted through the work done at the nanotechnology center and hoping to achieve that personal gain.
• Rollins did not step in early to provide the needed guide

The questions:
Having conducted a thorough problem analysis of the case, you will now generate an action plan for the problem “Lack of leadership skills ” in this case “ Ganging up on Cancer: Integrative Research Centers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute ”

Your document should be a one page double-spaced and include:
• A plan for a reasonable solution/course of action
• A rationale for the solution/course of action supported by course concepts
• Specific recommendations that address the problem “Lack of leadership skills ”described in the analysis.

Thompson, L. Making the Team: A Guide for Managers. Prentice Hall; 5 edition (July 15, 2013) Chapter 11 page 277

Note to the writer :

1- I will attach with this order the article “ Ganging up on Cancer: Integrative Research Centers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute ”
2- I need only one reference .
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