sugar ban


You are required to consider the following scenario.


With the intention of having a positive difference to peoples’ health the Clinical Nurse Consultant is proposing a prohibition on sugar on Ward X.  The prohibition will result in the removal of refined sugar options from patient menus and sugar will no longer be available in the ward kitchen.  The chocolate/sweets vending machine will also be removed from the ward corridor. The CNC is seeking responses to the proposal.

As a nurse on the ward, will you support the sugar ban?

Analyse & discuss the case from an ethical perspective, to incorporate (appropriately):

  1. a) Reflection on differing views and critical reasoning
  2. b) Comply with the presentational requirements


Your essay must include relevantevidence to support and/orrefute the evolving argument/s.


Evidence may be sourced from the following:


  • Your practical experience.
  • Relevant primary research articles published from 2005 onwards, in refereed journals.
  • Relevant literature from credible sources of information.


The word limit for the essay is 2,000 words excluding direct quotations and references.

Parts of the essay

Introduction (approx. 200 words)

You are required to use this part of essay to outline the differing views to be discussed, the process of analysis and the final conclusion.You may consider these points in the introduction:

  • The aim and purpose of the essay.
  • The structure/ordering of the main points to be discussed.


Discussion(Use appropriate headings)

1  You are required to use this part of the essay to identify and interrogate the differing views based on findings from the evidence.

2  Draw a conclusion based on your discussion.


Conclusion (approx. 200 words)

Offer a solution based on your overall analysis.


Academic writing and referencing

You will also be assessed on your, academic writing and use of references and referencing. In-text referencing and references in the list should follow the author–date referencing style required by the School. You should list all references together in one list at the end of the essay.


Please also refer to Rubric, Assignment 2, for more details about the criteria used in the assessment of the essay.

Assignment 2 Rubric: Essay

Category Weighting Excellent
Describe the aim/purpose,structure and  conclusion of the essay  


Clear, concise description of the aim/purpose, structure and conclusion of the essay


Identification of differing views

Interrogation of differing views based on findings from relevant and credible sources of evidence

Conclusion based on discussion




Clear, concise and comprehensive identification and interrogation of differing views. Based on findings from highly relevant and credible sources of evidence.

Conclusion clearly based on the discussion



Solution offered based on overall analysis



Innovative, insightful solution offered based on overall analysis



Written expression and presentation







Excellent sentence structure/ grammar. Minimal/no   spelling errors. The overall paper, from introduction to conclusion, flows extremely well

Within the word limit (-/+10%)



Referencing, author acknowledgement Students must pass this category to pass the assignment Correct use of Author/date referencing style.

In-text citations present and correct



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