Summarise your personal philosophy about Early Childhood Education and Care


Task 1: Personal Philosophy

Write your personal philosophy about Early Childhood Education and Care clearly describing your view of ‘the child’ and your view of you as ‘educator’. Explain how your personal view of both will impact on the curriculum and learning environment that you provide for children.

Your philosophy will be approximately 1-2 typed pages in length. You may use headings, statements and point form when writing your philosophy. It should provide a unique and clear picture of your beliefs and values regarding early childhood education and care.

The Educator’s Guide to the EYLF explains the importance of developing a philosophy,

“Once we understand our beliefs and knowledge, we can make considered, wise choices in our decision making in planning for supporting and reflecting on children’s learning.” (p 10)

So, your personal philosophy will focus on your beliefs and practices and formulate a framework that will provide both guidance and contemplation in regards to your ongoing contribution to the profession.

Your philosophy will reflect what you believe and aim to work towards regarding your role as an educator. It will document your commitment to the profession and highlight the principles, practices and value systems you consider most important regarding early childhood education and care. It is these values and principles that shape your relationships with children, staff, families and the wider community, and ensure your contribution to the profession is both a positive and unique one.

You may wish to consider one or more of the following questions to assist you to get started with this task:

• What is your image of the child?

• What are our expectations of children within the Education and Care community?

• How does the young child learn and develop?

• What are the child’s goals, needs, interests and rights and how do we establish these?

• What role do these play in service curriculum and learning environment?

• What is the role if the family and community in child development? How do you view your role within an Education and Care service? Within the profession?

• How do you want families to see you?

• What is your role among the wider community?

• How do you view yourself in regards to other staff?

• What are your obligations regarding your own ongoing professional development?

• What do you believe your role should be in advocating for children’s rights?

Provide a reference list with your philosophy.


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