Tales of king arthur


Here’s a sword he said holding it out to kay.I couldnt get yours but….



Kay recognised the sword immediately and befor arthur ould finish his sentence he had snatched it from him tucked it under his own cloak and rushed of to find sir ector

look what i have done said kay excitedly,when he found him. Its the sword from the stone I pulled out.Imust be a trueborn king

Sir ector gave kay a quizzical look

welll if you can do it once you can do it again and this time you will have an audience he said calmly he isisted that they all ride to the cathedral even though he knew that meant they will miss the tournament an every time Arthur Opened his mouth to try to tell ector what reallly happened Kay silenced him  with a menacing glare.Back at the cathedral.Ector marched them straight to the stone.

Now put the sword exactly where you  found it kay he said Kay jumped onto the stone and tried to thrust the sword into  it but failed miserably

Its strange that you could pull it out but you cant put it back said ector

Kay climbed down shamefaced

Now tell me where you really got it saie ector

From arthur admitted kay not daring to look his father in the eye

And where did you get it from ector asked patiently turning to arthur

From the stone I promise babbled arthur. I tried to get kays sword but the door at the inn was locked and…. I knew he would be cross and i sw this sword and i.. I didnt want him to miss the tournament and I



Why do you think kay ocoundlnt look his father in th the eye in line  in or near line 17

How does the author show that arthur is babbling in or near 19-21


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