Television Commercial Analysis


Assignment: Television Commercial Analysis



To assess your ability to:

  • Collect marketing data
  • Analyze commercials for target markets
  • Evaluate various marketing tactics



Have you ever watched a television commercial and wondered who the target market was for that commercial? While the content of the commercial, including the message and applied marketing messages, is created for a specific group or groups, content is only one part of the entire process of advertising used in a television commercial. Also consider the importance of time of day and the program during which  the commercial is shown.


For this assignment, you will evaluate commercials that appear during your favorite television show. Your focus must be on the commercials rather than on the show. We strongly suggest that you record the show with all the commercials. This will allow you to go back and review the commercials thoroughly. Ultimately, you will consider various aspects of the commercials, including the goods and/or services, the messages, the marketing messages of appeals (e.g., the use of humor, fear, sex, rational), and the target market.


Action Items

  1. Watch and record one episode of one of your favorite half-hour-long television programs. If you do not have the means to record the show at your home, consider doing so at a family member’s or friend’s house. If these options are not available, do your best to take detailed notes of each commercial. The program needs to be at least 30 minutes in length. Rationale for recording the show is detailed in the Overview.
  2. Observe and evaluate the commercials that appear from the break prior to the show through the break following the end of the show.Include in your document your notes about each commercial using the list below.  Place these notes in an appendix to your document. Your notes for each commercial will include:
  3. The product name and description (e.g., McDonald’s fun meal or McDonald’s Quarter Pounder).
  4. The message of the commercial (e.g., healthy skin is good, invest in gold, eat here during our happy hour).
  5. The advertising appeal that was used (humor, fear, sex, informational).
  6. A description of who you believe to be the commercial’s target market (e.g., married males, in their 30s or 40s, middle- class, some college, homeowner, athletic, are do-it-yourself type of people).
  7. Conduct secondary research (e.g., search for the program website or any other credible sites) to determine the main intended audience of the television program that you watched. Include proper citations for your sources.
  8. Write a 5-page document in which you:
    1. Compare and contrast the different commercials shown during the program. Describe the main themes that you noticed.
    2. Compare the target market for the commercials to the primary or intended main audience of the television show. Did some of the commercials seem “out of place?” Did some commercials fit better than others for this program? Provide examples and supporting rationale for your position.
    3. Given the show, what are three other product categories besides the ones represented by the commercials that would be good buys for a company during the show? Explain using concepts from your readings.
    4. What are three product categories besides the ones shown that would be poor buys for a company during the show? Explain using concepts from your readings.
    5. Consider yourself:
      1. Are characteristics about you the same or similar to the description of the primaryor intended main audience for the show? Explain.
      2. Did you connect with any of the commercials? In what ways? If not, why not. Provide an explanation.
    6. Check your writing style by using the Grammarly app you downloaded.
    7. Submit your document tocom.
    8. Add the grading rubricas another appendix to your document.


Submission Instructions

Upload your document using the Submit tool.

Grading Criteria



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