The Game Boy

complete design critique – observation, evaluation and analysis. Complete an argument as to its merits. How does it exemplify great design? Why should others appreciate its
design? Does it model good design principles for a specific domain, or all types of design?
What is the history of the design? How has it evolved over time?
• What is the design context?
• Who is the designer? Is their individual personality evident in their work?
• How is it used? What are the user behaviors? Can people use it differently? What is the
experience of use?
• What is the business model? How does it make money and does that affect the design?
What are the design principles that exemplify its value?

Use at least 2 of the following observation methods:
Mapping • Photography
• AEIOU framework • Thick description
• Insider’s tour • Service blueprint
• Interface wireframe • Product landscape

Include: 1) a description of the design (incorporate the history and context); 2) your observation
of the design in use (using one of the observation methods); 3) your evaluation of the design and; 4) summary
of design success and principles.

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