The impact of social media marketing on brand awareness of Pepsi


First three chapters (i.e. Chapter 1 – Introduction, Chapter 2 – Literature Review and Chapter 3 – Methodology) 
As you must be already aware, your dissertation is developed based on the plan that you have outlined in your research proposal. Within it you need to cover the following sections and requirements.


Care should be taken to address the following aspects:

* The summary of the research paper
* Is the abstract adequate?
* What is the purpose of the research?
* What are its benefits and implications?
* What methodology was used? (sample size, data analysis methods and tools)
* What are the results?

Chapter 01

Introduction (10%) –approximately 1,000 words

Is there a clear purpose and rationale of the study? Is there a clear set of objectives and research questions?


The background informs the reader of the problem or the situation, and the context you are interested. 

Rationale for the study

* What is the research issue?
* Why is it an issue?
* Why is it an issue now?
* What could this research shed light on? – (benefits/ implications of the study)

Research Aims and Objectives

The aim is broad statements of desired outcomes or the general intentions of the research. Simply aim is what you want to achieve, and objectives describe how you are going to achieve that aim.

Research objectives

* One of the most important sections of the research proposal and the dissertation as you need to develop them properly in line with the research topic.

* The aspects that should be considered when developing objectives are:

** Development of 3 – 4 objectives
** Objectives should follow a logical sequence
** Start with ‘To.’
** Use of appropriate level specific words such as ‘assess’, ‘evaluate’, ‘investigate’, etc.
** Final objective could be to make recommendations, or provide a solution to a problem or to make improvement/s
** To detail out the objectives, research questions can be included


If relevant you should state Hypothesis for the study.

Hypothesis testing involves the careful construction of two statements: the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis.

The null hypothesis reflects that there will be no observed effect for our experiment. In a mathematical formulation of the null hypothesis, there will typically be an equal sign. This hypothesis is denoted by H0. If the null hypothesis is not rejected, then we must be careful to say what this means. For example, just because a null hypothesis is not rejected does not mean that the statement is true.

The alternative or experimental hypothesis reflects that there will be an observed effect for our experiment. In a mathematical formulation of the alternative hypothesis, there will typically be an inequality, or not equal to symbol. This hypothesis is denoted by either Ha or by H1.

Chapter 02

Literature Review and Conceptual Framework (20%) – approximately 2,000 words

* Is the range of literature sources (covering past research findings, books, online sources etc.) used suitable and adequate? (at least 20 – 30 sources to underpin the study)

* Has a critical review of the literature been made? (this could produce a conceptual framework where relevant)

* In doing so, students need to capture debates in the study area and also bring in their inputs/ views/ insights as well.

* Make a ‘link’ between existing literature and your research under consideration

* You should develop conceptual Framework end of the literature review – Conceptual framework is developed from a set of broad ideas and theories that help a researcher to identify properly the problem, which will be researched. Conceptual frameworks are usually expressed abstractly through word models, charts and diagrams.

Chapter 03

Research Design and Methodology (20%) – approximately 2,000 words

* Has the research design and methodology discussed? Is the approach and philosophy appropriate?

* This section gives a detailed rationale / justification of how you achieve your research objectives. You are expected to:

1. Explain your selection of research paradigm / philosophy, approach, strategy and methods (qualitative and quantitative techniques planned to be used)
2. Outline the methods of sampling including population, sample size (if relevant only), data capture (including data gathering methods and instruments/tools), analysis and interpretation to be used (analysis method/s and tool/s), and give reasons for the choice.
3. Highlight any limitations in this chosen methodology.
4. Discuss the type of ethical issues relevant to the research.

Note- At undergraduate level, you must not undertake primary research using human participants (e.g. a questionnaire, interview or survey)

The maximum number of words for your dissertation / Under Graduate Major project is 10,000 words. Therefore, please ensure to meet the given word count limitation while incorporating the above sections in your dissertation.


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