The Norton Introduction to Literature (Portable Eleventh Edition) By: Kelly J. Mays.


The book being used is The Norton Introduction to Literature (Portable Eleventh Edition) By: Kelly J. Mays. ISBN-13: 978-0393923391

Read the stories and answer to questions need to be college level and 4 or more sentences. Use only the book that is provided to you!!!

BE sure to read the type of paper that I’m looking for be sure to cover all parts mentioned in The ‘A” PAPER description.
****THE “A” PAPER The A paper is a superior piece of work that is a pleasure to read. Although it is not necessarily flawless, it is outstanding work. The A paper excels in all the criteria of good writing. The subject is treated in a relatively original manner, revealing keen perception, mature judgment, and sound logic. The writer uses language with sensitivity, vitality, and fluency.****

Instructions on How Paper Need To Look:
• All papers must be double spaced and typed in a standard 12p font (Times New Roman).
• Margins should not be larger than one-inch on the top, bottom, and sides of the page.
• Type in the upper left (or right) hand corner of your paper: your name, your instructor’s name, the class and section number (ENGL 1150-51), the name of the assignment, and the draft (first draft, second draft, third and final draft, etc.).
• The center heading of your paper must be a title other than the name of the assignment (for example, something like “A Narrator’s Blindness in Raymond Carver’s ‘Cathedral’” not “First Reading Response Paper”).
• Italicize the titles of books, research journals, magazines, newspapers, and plays. Use “Quotation marks” around titles of articles, blogs, short stories, published essays, and poems.
• Your writing must utilize MLA style citation when referencing outside resources. If you use words that are not your own, be sure to put quotes around them and to credit the original author. This is an essential step in avoiding penalties for plagiarism. Every draft must follow MLA formatting standards.

Terrance Hayes’ “Mr. T—” (499)
1. While reading, what lines of satire or sarcasm stood out to you the most?
2. When reading the poem, did you get the sense that it was making fun of Mr. T and do you feel this is how white americans saw african americans back in the 1980’s?
Elizabeth Bishop’s “Exchanging Hats” (498-499)
1. With the transgender community gaining a lot media attention recently, what aspects of this poem written in 1956 can we take away and apply to societal views today?
E. E. Cummings’ “[next to of course god america i]” (496-497)
2. What impact do you think E.E. Cummings is trying to create by writing this poem like a dramatic monologue? Why does he choose to make it a narrative poem in the last line?
Robert Frost’s “Home Burial” (493-496)
1. What do you think led Amy’s husband to behave the way he did? Was he right in his own way or wrong in another way?
2. How does the mood from the beginning of the poet differ from the end of it?


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