The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith


This assignment asks that you participate in a critical conversation by reading at least one article on the novel of your choice( The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith) and stating your views on it in relation to what the critic has to say about the work you’ve chosen. You’ll have to summarize the article’s main points and judge their value. Your essay’s second paragraph could be a good place to do this. The rest of your essay should tell and show your reader how your views and that of the critic come together or diverege to illuminate specific aspects of the novel you are discussing. The challenge in this assignment is not losing your voice in the conversation. That is, don’t just agree with what the critics has to say about the work. This is your essay and your own ideas should guide the discussion of the novel you’ve chosen.( The Talented Mr. Ripley)

Organize your essay/dialogue around a clearly articulated idea. Support your idea with textual evidence that you then analyze in order to support your claims or that of your characters. Organize your evidence in well-constructed paragraphs or speeches that support and advance your main idea. I’m looking for how well you develop your ideas throughout the essay/dialogue. Remember to write with an audience in mind. While I’m your primary audience, your essay/dialogue should be understood by anyone not familiar with the texts you’re writing about or the discussions we’ve been having in class.

Avoid absolute statements, vague generalizations, and clichés. Don’t forget to title your essays (your titles should echo your thesis) and number your pages. Don’t be boring.


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