The Transnational Problem of Illegal Trafficking of Firearms in Central America



International criminal laws, procedures, and norms are often changing (and at differing rates) within nation-states as outcome of political, cultural, and technological phenomena. Criminal behaviors and law enforcement initiatives continue to evolve.

Based on the course readings and your own research, please select at least two world regions or countries (other than the United States) and address anticipated criminalization and/or law enforcement initiatives in those locales within the next 10+ years and explain/justify your reasoning in detail.

Previous student paper topics have included:

“The Transnational Problem of Illegal Trafficking of Firearms in Central America;”



The research paper must each be 10-12 pages in length (excluding title and reference pages), double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1” margins with appropriate in-text citations and quotation formats. The structure should include a brief introduction (though it is understood in APA that the first few paragraphs are the introduction and no label/heading is required for this section), level one heading transitions between topic areas, and a short conclusion. Where appropriate, essays should draw from course readings, lectures, and discussions particular to the subject matter. Consult at least seven (7) valid (peer-reviewed and government) sources to complete this assignment (excluding the course readings).

Your grade is largely determined by how well you support your argument utilizing appropriate source material. However, do not merely regurgitate the source information; analyze and expand on it.

Grading Criteria

The grading criteria is based on the below APUS criteria for written assignments.

Content (50%), i.e., the essay illustrates exemplary understanding of the relevant material by thoroughly and correctly addressing the relevant content; identifying and explaining all of the key concepts/ideas; using correct terminology explaining the reasoning behind key points/claims and substantiating, as necessary/useful, points with several accurate and illuminating examples. No aspects of the required answer are missing.

Use of Source Information (20%), i.e., sources are used to give compelling evidence to support claims and are clearly and fairly represented. APA format and style is used accurately and consistently.

Grammar (20%), i.e., the essay is clear, concise, and a pleasure to read as a result of appropriate and precise use of terminology, grammar, and punctuation; total coherence of thoughts and presentation and logical organization; and is error free.


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