hi i basically just need an abstract written no more then 300 words

My degree is Occuaptional therapy please ensure you remember that when writing the abstract

the topic is Therasuit and the efficetiveness for cerebral palsy in children

the abstract needs to have this structure

The purpose of an abstract is to inform and educate others regarding all aspects of your project – from the initial ideas, to the importance/need, the methods you used to conduct your project, your findings and what they mean to the wider body of knowledge in occupational therapy.

• Title – clear, concise and informative (approx. 12 words)

• Abstract text – as one paragraph, with NO subheadings or references, you need to cover:

o Background – why you studied this subject

o Problem statement – outline the need for your study

o Aim/purpose – what you want to explore/achieve

o Methods – what you did and how you did it

o Results/findings – what you found

o Discussion/conclusion – what your findings mean, how they relate to your field, recommendations


This is an example one

Parents of children with rare disorders experience excessive stress and experience the flow on effect of occupational disruption. Parental understanding of a disorder is key to the process of coming to terms with their new life circumstances and in learning how to progress from grieving to coping and beyond. Understanding is hindered by the lack of information and guidance available for rare disorders. This paper discusses the nature of parental stress in response to childhood diagnoses of rare disorders and focuses the investigation on parents of children with cerebellar hypoplasia. The availability of information and parental response to diagnosis is obtained and analysed through the data mining of online social groups and blogs. The concept of a primary health care information resource is subsequently examined to address the information deficit. Research revealed that there was a high level of parental stress reported in blogs and significant emotional strain being experienced especially by mothers. This was also noted in literature. Fathers were reported to experience a reduction in life satisfaction and poor occupational outcomes. Blogs showed frustration in relation to an inability to gain information. Literature analysis suggested that the provision of an informative web based information resource and social networking tool for parents of children with cerebellar hypoplasia would be beneficial in reducing family stress and improving the ability to cope. Improved coping would in turn have the result of improving occupational outcomes for families with this rare diagnosis.

i will attach our contens page and other examples


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