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To familiarize yourself with information sources relating to managing people in order to identify current issues in ‘the changing world of work’ and present your findings in a report.


To familiarize yourself with information sources relating to managing people in order to identify current issues in ‘the changing world of work’ and present your findings in a report.

Write clearly in a report format and REFERENCE appropriate sources correctly.

Your report will identify a current issue in ‘the changing world of work’ and discuss the impact on managing people in the workplace. Find sources of information – eg newspapers, journals, internet sites – search for a current/topical item/article (include the article/ place it in the appendices if choose this option) of interest relating to Managing People and the world of work; preferably something which has happened recently or something which is about to happen. For example, an Employment Tribunal case or a change in employment law, or perhaps could involve identifying a trend or evolving issue such as employee engagement or talent management, social media.

You may wish to look at an organisation you are familiar with and discuss how they manage certain issues (eg how do they motivate or demotivate staff), or compare organisations.

Please ensure that your topic is related to the world of Managing People at Work.

A critical analysis of the chosen subject matter should be provided using theory, where necessary to support your discussion.


1. A review of the subject matter. The report should provide a critical analysis of your chosen subject matter, using theory to explain the relevance to the world of work, now and in the future. You must include details of the main issues, why you have chosen to highlight these issues, impact on managing people in the workplace and any recommendations and conclusions.

2. You must include at least 10 references to secondary sources

3. Your report should be an individual report.


The assignment is worth 40% of the final module grade and is broken down as follows:

Development of source material and discussion (your research) 30%

Critical analysis of subject matter(using your own words) 40%

Citations and References presented in Harvard Format 20%

Report Presentation, Grammar and Spelling 10%


a) Understand the role and functions of a manager of people, in any organisational context

b) Appreciate the wider, external contexts of managing people

d) Appreciate and evaluate the possible implications of recent and future change in the field of people management

e) Write clearly and effectively in appropriate styles and formats

g) Work co-operatively with others to achieve a common goal and review individual strengths and weaknesses in the context of an evaluation of group learning activity

h) Identify information needs, locate relevant information and interpret findings


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