To what extent should the policy differentiate between males and females?



Chose ONE of the following items below and submit a MEMORANDUM to me with your response. Please keep in mind there is no right or wrong answers. You have just been hired as a new HR assistant at XYZ Co. and as your HR Director, I have asked your opinion on the specific topic you chose. I would think your response should be no less than three pages. It should be normal font size (12) and double space is fine.

1. We use the following application form. What questions would you advise us not to ask on the application form? Why?

Name ________________________________________ Sex _________
Address ______________________________________ Date of Birth _________
City ____________________ State ____ Zip ______ Are you a U.S. citizen? ______
Place of birth __________________________________________________________
In case of emergency, who should be notified? _________________________________
Are you single? ____ married? ______ separated? _______ divorced? ________
Number of dependents ______ Do you hold a valid driver’s license? _________
Have you ever been employed by this company before? _______ When? _______
Are you a U.S. veteran?______ Years of service? _________
Type of discharge? __________________________________
Have you ever filed a workman’s compensation claim or been injured on the job? ______
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? _______
List all prior employment, including dates of employment, reason for leaving, address and phone number of employer, and supervisor.
I understand that any misrepresentation or omission of material facts will result in non-hire or termination of employment without notice or recourse.
Signature ___________________________________________ Date ___________

2. Comment on the legality of our leave policy. What might a more legally sound leave policy look like?
Seventy-five employees work at the headquarters of the XYZ Co. The company’s leave policy is included in its employee handbook and reads as follows:
“Full-time employees who have worked at least one year for this company are entitled to take up to a total of eight (8) weeks of parental and medical leave during a calendar year. This leave is unpaid. Employees should request leave as soon as they become aware of the need, but in no case shall an employee provide less than thirty (30) days prior notice. Failure to provide adequate notice may result in denial of leave. Parental leaves shall commence two weeks prior to the anticipated birth date and continue for six additional weeks following birth. In situations where both parents are employed by this company, only one parent is entitled to leave. The need for medical leave must be documented by two physicians. You will not be allowed to return to work following medical leave until the company doctor has certified that you are fit to resume your duties.
It is company policy to make a good faith effort to provide leave to all employees who need it. However, you should understand that in the event of a severe staffing problem or if you hold one of a few very important jobs within the company, we reserve the right to delay or deny leave under these circumstances. It is our expectation that we will be able to re-employ persons who opt to take leave. However, it is possible that we might not be able to re-employ you or that we will reinstate you to a different job with different pay.
In cases of leave for military service, we will reinstate all employees to their former positions, provided that they return from service within two years.”

3. We are considering using Arbitration Agreements in our Company. Why should we? Why shouldn’t we?

4. We are considering running criminal background checks on all new employees (office, managers, sales, warehouse and drivers). What should our policy do you recommend we adopt in use of criminal history in hiring? Would the policy differ according to the type of job someone is applying for?
5. We don’t have a harassment policy. What should be included in the policy?

6. We are considering implementing an office dress code for managers, sales and office associates. (There is already a uniform policy in place for warehouse and drives.) What policy do you recommend? To what extent should the policy differentiate between males and females?


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