Topic: Can Turkey\’s Yunus Emre Institutions maintain a sustainable cultural diplomacy? Discuss.


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I already wrote the first 30 pages including the introduction. I want you to write 70 pages more and complete my thesis in harmony with the first 30. I want the second part (development) to include the explanation of some key words beneficial for my thesis and a general overview of similar instutions worldwide and a comparison with the Chinese Conficius Institutes and other western cultural institues such as the German Goethe Institut, British Council or France Alliance. The main idea of my thesis should be that the term cultural diplomacy was best conducted with Yunus Emre Institutes. ANd these Yunus Emre Institutes are in connection with turkey\’s Foreign policy from 2007 until now. However, do these institutes currently follow a policy which could be sustainable and doesnt change with the sociological and political changes that Turkey is facing? What differs Yunus Emre Institutes from the other country\’s institutions is the language it teaches i think. People go to British Council mainly to learn the English language or to Conficius Institute to learn Chinese. So how can Yunus Emre maintain a sustainable cultural diplomacy without giving enough emphasis on teaching the turkish language? So the main focus shifts here to the importance of teaching the language that the cultural center belongs to. I want the last part of my thesis just focused on these Yunus Emre Instituions and how it helps Turkey\’s cultural diplomacy to shape and will it be sustainable. I also want a chronology of the institutes worldwide and their locations etc.

I will add the files and the drafts with highlights that I already pointed out and want to have in my thesis.
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