Tracking the Terrorists


The Problem: The Case of Tracking the Terrorists


àMy role is V.P. of Marketing in the following simulated case:


A bill has just been introduced in the Legislature, with wide bi-partisan support, that would create a database for creating a “network” of information by which to track non-documented workers and potential terrorists. The information that would be accessed includes information from driver’s licenses, and requests for government services. In addition, the legislation would require all manufacturers of software to embed a code in their product which would allow tracking of internet use as well as sales on the computer. No notice would be given to the consumer other than the general notice that the measure has become law.


Please complete each section of this worksheet.


Be Attentive


If we consider each of the lenses a pane in a window, which gives us a balanced view of the problem, the final process combines all four of the lenses as we balance among the four core values of our community. After working through each of the lenses individually, you can now see how to put the pieces together in a whole. The process requires that you diligently ask the core questions over and over as you analyze problems that come to you.


All four lenses are needed. In the question about what comes first, rights and justice or results and virtue, the answer is – it doesn’t matter. If you prefer to start with rights and justices, your horizons can be expanded as you dream of possibilities with those who focus on results and reputation. If you start with imagining what is possible, those dreams need to be disciplined by the constraints of rights and justice. As you go through all four lenses, you can calibrate your response and assure that you have considered all facets of the problem.


For the final round, we will work through the lenses in the order in which they were presented: (1) Rights/Responsibility Lens; (2) Results Lens; (3) Relationship Lens; (4) Reputation Lens.


We begin by setting the context. Please address the following questions:


  1. Who is the ethical actor? Who or what group will be taking the action in this particular problem?


Answer:I’m the ethical actor in this situation



  1. Who are the stakeholders? Who are those people and/or groups to which we owe a duty? What are the express and implied agreements that you have with each of the constituents?


Answer:The primary stakeholders are … The secondary stakeholders are …



  1. What is the context and assumptions? What are the facts that need to be considered? In framing the context, what assumptions as to competing rights and responsibilities are present?


Answer:The facts that need to be considered are 1) … 2) …. 3) …

The assumptions we make based on the known facts: 1)…. 2)… 3)…



Be Intelligent


Now we identify the issue, as well as the elements in tension. Please address the following questions:


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