Trade and Comparative Advantage


You then need to submit an INDIVIDUAL assignment on the topic. The word limit is 1,500 – 2,000 words and a hard copy of your assignment must be submitted in Week 11 to your tutor. The individual assignment is worth 25% of the marks for this subject.

All assignments must be submitted to Turnitin on the UTS Online site for this subject. If your assignment is not submitted together with an ‘originality report’ from Turnitin, it will not be marked.

It is also essential that your individual assignment is correctly referenced.
I suggest you use the following link to ensure that your referencing is correctly done:

The following website: is also useful for checking that your references are done correctly. If you fail to reference correctly you will not pass this assignment.
1. Trade and Comparative Advantage
In 2014 the Australian government announced new trade agreements with both Japan and China.
1. What were the main changes in the trade agreement between Australia and Japan?
2. What were the main changes in the trade agreement between Australia and China?
3. From analysing these trade agreements, in what products and services do you think Australia, Japan and China have a comparative advantage?
4. Who were the winners and losers in Australia, Japan and China from these trade agreements?
5. Do you think that these trade deals benefit all three countries equally? (This must be answered as part of your presentation – in your individual assignment you should write 250-500 words on this issue)

I have deliberately not given a list of references for these assignments. One of the aims of this assignment is to get you to do your own research on these topics – both as a group and individually.

Group Presentation

The group presentation is worth 15% of the marks for this subject. Usually all members of the group will be given the same mark. However, if it is clear that some members of the group did not contribute significantly to the group effort, these group members will be given a lower mark.
Marking criteria

Marking criteria for both the group presentation and individual assignment are available on the UTS Online site for this subject.


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