The goal of the social sciences is to explain, predict, and understand, with the main goal being to produce knowledge. Once knowledge has been produced it is important that sociologists share this knowledge and communicate with one another. One of the ways this knowledge can be shared is through its publication in professional journals. To understand what is happening in sociological research today it is essential to be able to read and evaluate the professional literature. Your assignment is to read, discuss, and evaluate a professional sociology research article focused on a specific issue related to human sexuality. Please see how to access sociology journals at the end of this assignment. Your answer should total a minimum of 2000 words; post your word count at the top of the page; it must be at least 2000 words, you are free to go over that word count of course). This assignment is due by midnight on the date indicated on your syllabus, submitted via blackboard. To submit your assignment please click on the assignment and then attach a Word file. THE FOLLOWING ARE SPECIFIC SECTIONS THAT MUST BE COVERED: I. INTRODUCTION What is the title of the article? Who is (are) the author(s) of the article? What is the name of the professional journal the article was published in? What was the date of publication? (This information should be in complete sentences). * Conceptualization 1) Statement of the Problem/Topic What is the research problem/topic? In other words, what is the author investigating? 2) Social Theory Which social theory is being investigated? Which social theory emerged? II. LITERATURE REVIEW What references does the author make to previous research on this topic? Discuss the previous research findings that are mentioned in the article. III. CURRENT STUDY 1) Variables What are the major variables in the study? What are the specific issues being investigated? 2) Hypothesis/Hypotheses or Research Question What is the major hypothesis of the study? Or, what is the specific research question being investigated? 3) Sample Who was included in the study? How many individuals were included in the study? What is the sampling technique? 4) Research Method Which method(s) is used for collecting the data? When and where were the data collected? Who collected the data? What type of data analysis was used (quantitative such as statistics, qualitative such as grounded theory for interviews, etc.)? Please note that you may not understand all of the information in the section on data analysis; therefore, you may have some quoting in this section). IV. CONCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONS 1) Conclusions What conclusions were drawn from this study? Are the hypotheses supported? If the hypotheses are not supported, is there an explanation for this deviation? Were tables/charts/etc. presented in the results? If so, what information was contained in these tables/charts/etc.? 2) Limitations First, discuss the limitations of the study as noted by the author. Second, you must offer your own ideas of this study is limited. How would you modify this study to address the concerns of the author and/or you? *** For this assignment you may choose an article that deals with an aspect of human sexuality from any peer-reviewed sociology journal. Go to, click on Libraries, click on Indexes and Databases, in the box click on Social Sciences, scroll down and click on Social Sciences Full Text and/or SocIndex Full Text. Then type in search words for a topic of your choosing. Finally select a full-text journal article on which to complete this assignment.


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