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using the text “the Ethics and Basic Law for Medical Imaging Professionals” Wilson explain…


using the text “the Ethics and Basic Law for Medical Imaging Professionals” Wilson

The following homework assignment will help you to discover some of the differences between the administration of health care in the United States and internationally. This is a research based assignment; remember the use of is not an acceptable reference site for this course. You must include a references cited page for this assignment; correctly formatted APA or MLA references are acceptable. The answers should be presented in paragraph formation. Staple all pages together for presentation.
The first question refers to a country other than the United States of America
1) Socialized Medicine – provide a definition of the term socialized medicine and discuss a country that currently has a socialized medicine system to cover all citizens; this discussion should include the types of services offered to the citizens of this country When was this system first implemented in this country? What is the name of this country’s health insurance plan? Compare the ranking for the life expectancy for this country to that of the United States. Which is higher? Why? Compare the cost of financing healthcare in this country to the United States in comparison to the amount of annual funding in dollars and the percentage of gross domestic product spent on health care for each country. What rank does this country have in comparison to the United States for overall health of its citizens?
(This portion of the assignment should be approximately one page in length and graphic data is acceptable to support some answers, however, graphic information should only be used to explain your written explanation not as the answer to the question.)
Bonus: Is this country’s system currently financially stable? Why or why not?

The following questions refer to the delivery of healthcare in the United States of America, as it is currently organized; prior to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which is currently being phased into coverage. It is estimated that the answers to the following questions will result in an additional two to three pages of written text in addition to the page for question number one.
2) Medicare – when was it enacted? Who does it cover? Who was President when Medicare was originally passed? What do the specific portions Part A, Part B and Part D cover? When was Part D enacted? Who was President when Part D was enacted? Is the Medicare system currently financially stable? Why or why not. Compare the average life expectancy for males and females when Medicare was originally passed and the average life expectancy of males and females as of 2010; more recent data is acceptable.
Bonus: What does Part C cover and when was it enacted?

3) Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) – Define the term health maintenance organization. When did this type of health insurance plan become popular in the United States? How does this type of system provide medical care to the people enrolled (discuss in network vs out of network coverage)?

4) Medicaid- when was it enacted? Who does it cover? Who was President when this insurance plan was enacted? Are the coverage benefits the same state to state? Why or why not? Is the system currently financially stable? Why or why not.
Bonus: What effect does passage of the ACA project to have on enrollment in the Medicaid system? Why?

5) Organ Transplants – What is the mechanism for placement of a patient’s name on the organ transplant list? What is the current length of time a patient must wait for a heart transplant? Explain at least one reason why transplants are considered an ethical issue. How are transplants financed? Give at least one example of how much any type of organ transplant would cost.

6) Health Insurance/Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) – When was it enacted? Who was President when this legislation as passed? What is the scope of this legislative for the medical community and the general community? (Hint: There are actually two reasons for HIPAA legislation; make sure to state both in your response)
7) Death with Dignity Act – what year was the Oregon Death with Dignity Act passed? What ethical issue is covered by the Death with Dignity Act? List the factors that must be met for a patient to use the Death with Dignity Act. List two additional states that have enacted Death with Dignity Acts and when was the legislation passed in these states?
8) Hospice – what is hospice care? When was it developed? What country was most instrumental in the development of hospice care? Do health insurance plans in the United States cover hospice care? What types of services are covered for hospice care?


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