What does an industry analysis, using the Five Forces Model of Competition, reveal about this company’s situation?


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Text Case 11: Sirius XM Satellie Radio, Inc. in 2014
Written Case Study #1 (50 Points)
Please answer each question in order for clarity and credit. Show me what you know!
Sirius XM Satellie Radio, Inc. is facing many challenges in 2014. What are these challenges and what can the company do about them?

a) What does an industry analysis, using the Five Forces Model of Competition, reveal about this company’s situation? (Please explain each of the competitive forces and its degree.) (10 points)

b) What does a SWOT analysis reveal about this company? (Be sure to rely on 2013-2014 facts about the company and give credit to your references). (20 points)

c) How should Sirius craft, execute, and evaluate the performance of its strategies to become more successful in the competitive marketplace? (Please be specific about the “process” and also suggest your own “specific” ideas for improvement of the company’s stance going into the future.) (15 points)

d) What is the company’s business model and how does it relate to this process? (5 points)

TIP: The best analysis reveals following directions in logical order, and an excellent understanding of the text concepts related to this assignment. Please cover Ch. 1,2,3,4, and 9, and use appropriate strategy terminology from these chapters in your answers. A professional presentation is required.

Page Limit: 6 pages (not including charts/diagrams/References). 14 point font. Double-space or single space with double space between paragraphs. Please do a spelling, grammar, and punctuation check. Please cite all references used, including the text. Thanks.
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