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What does social science research tell us about this myth? To what extent is your chosen statement supported/not supported by social science research?


For this assignment, you will choose one of the following myths regarding work and parenting to research using scientifically peer-reviewed journal articles:

Mothers are responsible for the Second Shift

Daycare is detrimental to Children’s well-being

Mothers have the majority of the household labor responsibilities

Fathers are better providers, and shouldn’t be stay-at-home dads.

Mothers are better caretakers and shouldn’t work outside the home.

Part I: 1-2 pgs.

What does social science research tell us about this myth? To what extent is your chosen statement supported/not supported by social science research? That is, what do we know about the issue? Find at least two academic research articles that address these questions and that provide more information about your chosen topic. If you are unable to find articles that directly address your issue, find additional information about the broader topic that the belief addresses. This assignment expands your ability to synthesize research findings across multiple studies. Your articles must come from peer-reviewed academic journals.

The object of this portion of the paper is to synthesize what you learned from the articles in a response to the belief that you chose as your topic. Do not re-summarize each article, but rather, integrate the information into one overall picture of your topic. Part I should answer, concisely, the question “What does social science research say about X?” How does social science research on this topic relate to what people commonly think or believe about the topic (i.e., the “myth” you’ve chosen)- that is, does the research support or contradict this belief? I want for you to present a scientifically accurate portrayal of the issue you’ve chosen; the point is not for you to persuade discussing only one side of the issue but rather to portray balanced information in a nonbiased way. Again, the aim is not necessarily to come out with a “right” or “wrong”, but rather, the extent to which this “myth” is supported or not by the articles you are citing.

Note that personal opinions are not included in Part I of your paper.

Part II: ½ – 1 pg.

After presenting the research, I would like for you to include a brief personal reaction. Answer the following questions:

1. What pieces of information did you find to be particularly interesting or surprising?

2. How did your research on the topic change your viewpoint on X?


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