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What is Christianity? Is there a single Christianity or Christianities?


1. What is Christianity?  Is there a single Christianity or Christianities?

What is Christianity? Well, we talked so much about this in the class so that by now I hope that you know how to define the essence of Christianity.  The answer to the second question is definitely “no;” there is no single Christianity.  There are Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and many Protestant Churches.  Within these different Christianities there are also different ways of practicing them (asceticism, monasticism, mysticism, faith, work ethics, etc.).  You need to address how this spiritual complexity reflects on your understanding of Christianity.  What you also need to mention is the fact that Christianity is not exclusively a European religion anymore.  Christianity is well established and thriving in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

2. Is Christianity compatible with other religions? Can Christianity incorporate into its discourse other cultures and traditions and still remain Christianity?

Mention at least three other major religious traditions in your paper and how Christianityreally can relate itself to these traditions, learning from them and enriching its own content.  Will Christianity lose its essence if it does so? I think Christians still have the fear of the other, and I do not think this is a good fear.  I personally have been always fascinated with the spiritual and communal values of Muslims and religious Jews and I think that Christians can learn something from these values.  If you are not a Christian in the class tell us, the Christians, how can we improve by incorporating elements from your religious traditions.

3. What is the future of Christianity?

I leave answering this question totally up to you, but I expect an honest answer.  Will, for instance,Christianity disappear (it is after all a declining religion in Europe) in the future or will it become a syncretistic religion that will combine elements from other religious traditions?  Be brave and assertive in answering this question.

A good paper bristles with self-confidence.  You need to demonstrate to me that all of your arguments are strong and valid.  This means that you think very carefully about what you write.  Do not write your paper in one day, before it is due.  Please do not!!! Start working on it right away.  I want you to argue your case convincingly, which means convincing your readers and me.  If you grandma or grandpa cannot be convinced by your argument, you wrote a bad paper.  Thus, think about your grandpas and grandmas and how you can convince them that you are right when you are writing your paper.  I assure you that if they do not understand what your paper is about, I won’t understand it either.  Convincing them also implies writing your sentences in a casual and conversational manner.  Do not overload your sentences with sinces, becauses, woulds, howevers, sos, etc.  Keep in mind that the sentence that is longer than two lines is a wrong sentence.  Also keep in mind that a paragraph that is shorter than half page is a wrong paragraph.  If you get stuck with your paper talk to me as soon as possible so that we can “unstuck” you.


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