what is Indian philosophy

APA style format.

Times new roman 12 pt font double spaces with intext citations and a bibliography and footnotes. Add page numbers  

or 2 to 3 pages WITHOUT with the front page and reference page. Read sample and see how it is done.

The topic is” what is Indian philosophy? is there Indian philosophy 

This is the email the professor sent to us:

Dear All,

Here’s your take home assignment. Submit via Dropbox: Take Home A ssignment 1 by Tuesday  Feb 23. You have a template/ sample of a philosophical answer. Please read it before starting to write your paper. Please choose one topic and write your essay.  Be consistent. Don’t start with one format and end with the other. Use suggested websites for your information

Suggested  only  philosophical  websites  such  Encyclopedia of   Britannica, Stanford Encyclopedia  etc

TOPIC: “1.What is Indian philosophy? Is there Indian philosophy? “

Take home assignment:

Below is a template/ sample of a philosophical answer

PhilosophyEssay Template/General Outline for Critical Answers

You do notneed a formal “Introduction”. You can just immediately say what you are goingto do in the paper.

The BasicStructure


[First oneor two sentence(s) restating the question as your thesis]

[Section 1:Summary]

[Say whatyou are going to do in this section of your paper.]

*Now stateeach step in the philosopher’s argument in your own words.+

[Assert thereasons the philosopher gives in the text for his/her conclusion.]

[Back upthat assertion with a quotation or two.]

[Explain whythe quotation(s) you used are important.]

[If you havedone the above for each of the philosopher’s premises in the argument, you cannow restate the conclusion of the argument.]

[Section 2:Critical analysis/critique of the argument]

[Analyzeeach premise of the argument you summarized.]


[Is thepremise true or false?]

[Explain whyyou think so.]

[Give anexample to support this.]

[Explainyour example.]

[Clarifyyour explanation.]

[Considerpossible objections the philosopher could have to particular criticisms youmade above.]

[Concludewith a sentence asserting that you have proved your thesis.]

DetailedExplanation and Examples

1. [Paragraph1] Explain the purpose of your paper. [This means restate the essay question].

a. [Firstone or two sentence(s)] For example, if you are being asked to summarizeand critique Descartes’ argument for mind/body dualism, then you would saysomething like:

i.“In this essay I will provide a summary of Descartes’ argument for mind/bodydualism. Further, I will argue that Descartes’ argument is not successful.” OR,


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