(What is it like being a therapist?



  • Watch the following video and complete the modules.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFmFOmprTt0 (Learned Helpness)

http://www.wadsworthmedia.com/psychology/PsychStudy/learning_modules/Disorder_Symptoms.html (Psychological Disorders)

http://bcs.worthpublishers.com/psychsim5/Mystery Client/PsychSim_Shell.htm (What is it like being a therapist?)

  • Once you have watched the videos and completed the learning modules, please provide responses to the 8 questions.


  • When responding, avoid using second person, “you” or “your” writing in your responses.  Please use first person (e.g., “I”, “we”) or third person (e.g., “they”, “it”).


  • Using proper grammar, complete sentences, correct punctuation, and correct spelling.







  1. Give an example, other than what the instructor or students gave in the video, of learned helplessness. Try to give an example that is related to something that you have experienced.
  2. There is a stigma attached to having a psychological disorder. Why do you think this is?  What are your thoughts on individuals who have a psychological disorder?
  3. Not all psychological disorders are the same.  Some psychological disorders can have more of an impact on an individual’s daily life (e.g., work and school). What are three (3) issues that individuals with more severe psychological disorders (e.g., major depression or schizophrenia) might face in their daily living?
  4. Individuals with a psychological disorder can develop learned helplessness.  How does this happen?  How might this affect their ability to manage their disorder?
  5. How does medication help in treating panic disorder, major depression, and undifferentiated schizophrenia?  What do the medications do in the brain to help with these issues? What are your thoughts on using medications to treat these issues?
  6. Is it possible for two clinicians/psychologists/therapists to come up with different diagnoses? How could this happen?
  7. How important is a proper diagnosis? Should just anyone be allowed to make a diagnosis?  If a student takes a psychology class, should he/she be allowed to make a diagnosis? What can happen if an individual is given a wrong diagnosis?
  8. Explain why doing this assignment is helpful in developing a better understanding of psychology.

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